5 Reasons why rideshare drivers should have a dash cam

Updated: Jan 25

1. Terrible Passengers

Unfortunately some passengers don't know how to act. Especially the intoxicated ones, they are the ones who seem the cross the line the most with physical or verbal assault. Having a dash cam will act as a way for you to prove the incident happened. Also, people are more likely to be on their best behavior when they know they're being watched.

2. False Claims

Maybe you have already experienced this or know of a driver who has. But, there are some riders who will make false claims about drivers in an effort to get a free ride.

3. Accidents

If you should unfortunately get into an accident, having a dash cam will present you with footage of what really happened. That you can give to the police or insurance company.

4. Thieves

An issue most drivers never thought they would have to worry about. However, it seems to be happening more to drivers every day.

5. Unexpected moments

As rideshare drivers we pretty much have seen everything. Especially the night drivers.

This could be footage of a hit and run, or an Intoxicated driver. Capturing this footage could help police and a fellow driver.