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What is Bond?

It's your 24/7 Personal Security Concierge, on a mission to create a safer world.

With bond feeling safe has never been simpler. Their security services are designed to provide you and your loved ones with greater confidence, and peace of mind, wherever you should go.

The Bond app delivers a comprehensive suite of services that address the safety you may have as you move through your day. Whether the answer to a simple safety question, a watchful eye in uncomfortable situations, or coordination with first responders in an emergency.

With bond any time you unsafe, you can simply select one of the preventative services, or tap to connect to one of Bonds Command Center via chart, video, or call. From there a trained Personal Security Agent will be able to assist you 24/7.

Users can also reserve an on-demand bodyguard at any time on the Bond app.

App's Free Services:

Location Services: Stay connected to loved ones by using our Location Services to see where your contacts are any time on the map. You’ll receive app notifications when your family and friends arrive and leave their destination.

Siren (without Security Agent): When you want to draw as much attention to your situation as possible, hold down the Siren button for 3-seconds to activate a loud alarm and flashing lights.

911 Dialer: We’re not a replacement for the authorities. In the event of an emergency, you can tap the 911 button to be connected to the authorities.

Apps' Premium Services:

The premium services include the three free service alone with the ones listed below.

24/7 Security Agents: No matter the need -- whether a simple safety question or feeling of unease -- reach out to a live Personal Security Agent via chat, call, or live video for security guidance, 24/7. The following services don’t have a dedicated button: a. Security Check - Ensure your loved ones are safe by setting virtual check-ins for you or loved ones at a designated time. b. Connect to a Dr. (via third party) - Get medical questions answered by connecting with a doctor via our Telemedicine provider. c. Roadside Assistance (via physical third party): If you have car trouble and need road-side assistance, reach out to a Personal Security Agent to help you get back on the road, through partnerships with top providers.

Video Monitor Me: Whenever you’re feeling uneasy about your situation or surroundings, simply tap Video Monitor Me and a Personal Security Agent will be instantly by your side to accompany you via live video.

Track My Walk: If you’re nervous while walking alone or in an unfamiliar area, you can activate Track My Walk and have our Personal Security Agent and technology monitor you as you move from one location to the next.

Ready An Agent: If you’re feeling cautious and want to put a Personal Security Agent on alert, tap Ready An Agent.

Send Me A Car (via physical third party): If you need to get out of an unsafe situation quickly, tap Send Me A Car and our Personal Security Agents will send a car to pick you up and take you to a nearby safe place.

Siren (with Security Agent): When you want to draw as much attention to your situation as possible, hold down the Siren button for 3-seconds to activate a loud alarm and flashing lights. For Premium members, if you don’t deactivate Siren after 10-seconds, you’ll be connected to a Personal Security Agent for help.


With the Bond app users can order bodyguard on demand with prices starting as low as $30 for 30 minutes.

You can reserve your bodyguard at any time for 30 minutes or longer. Once you've reserved your bodyguard they will be there within an hour.

You will also have Bond's Command Center of Personal Security available to you 24/7 allowing you and your bodyguard to get in touch whenever you need them.

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