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What is DiDi?

Didi Chuxing is a mobile transportation company headquartered in Beijing. Known simply as Didi, it is now one of the world's largest ride-hailing companies, serving more than 550 million users across Asia, Australia, and Latin America.

How it works

If you've already used the Uber app, DiDi won't be too difficult for you to figure out. For it works the same were you enter pick up location and drop off location. The only real difference between the two is you can request taxis to pick you up.

The Type Of Rides That DiDi Offers

Express: A ride from a private driver, and your are the only passenger.

EpressPoll: A ride shared with other passengers that “should” be on the same road as your destination, or a reasonable distance away, or are headed beyond your destination. It will also be the lowest price ride you can find on DiDi.

Select: You will receive rides from drivers who have a very high rating or who have made a lot of trips. The price will also be higher then, Express.

Luxe: Is a service that at the moment is only available in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. This is a top-notch car with professional drivers that will greet you in a uniform and white gloves.

Taxi: You can also call for taxis, which remain the primary means of subsistence in certain cities. DiDi doesn't calculate the hypothetical expense in advance, but sends you the meter at the end of the ride; nevertheless, the rides with private drivers will generally be cheaper. Taxis can also be paid with cash as long as it was called via DiDi. You also have the advantage of being able to get a paper receipt immediately after the end of the ride.

Quick Guide On How To Take A Trip In Ten Steps

  • Insert your starting point or confirm your location on DiDi through GPS

  • Insert your destination in Chinese characters or in English

  • Choose the type of car you want to use and how many seats you will need if you choose ExpressPoll

  • Confirm the call

  • Wait for the car assignment: at times, in the most crowded period, you will be shown your position in line and an estimated wait time; you can count on these not being overly precise

  • Check if the driver has sent you a message in the “message” section, which is also in English (I usually ignore it and have never been left to go on foot)

  • If you’ve changed your mind, cancel within two minutes of an assignment

  • Take the ride

  • Confirm payment only once you’ve arrived at your destination and check that the driver ends the ride on his App

  • Rate the service

Didi's Six Principles

  1. Safety on the Road

  2. Security and Respect in the Vehicle

  3. Honesty, Integrity, and Authenticity

  4. Following the Law

  5. Being Reliable

  6. Your Feedback Matters

What Are DiDi’s Vehicle Requirements?

  • Be in excellent working condition, with no cosmetic damage.

  • Must be ten years or older

  • Have 4 doors.

  • Seat 4 or more passengers, plus the driver.

  • Have working windows, seat belts and air conditioning.

  • Driver insurance: Drivers must be registered and have a minimum of Third Party Property Insurance. Drivers must ensure that ridesharing is included in their primary cover. Third Party Property Insurance covers the damage your vehicle causes to someone else’s property, including their car. Comprehensive Insurance covers any property damage to your vehicle either in an accident or an incident.

Download The App:

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