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Updated: Mar 2


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What is Popl?

It's the fastest way to share your social media and contact info to someone else's phone by tapping your Popl, you can instantly share your entire Popl profile with anyone you meet.

How It Works

What Can You Use Popl For?

The opportunities with Popl are endless. Whether you're an artist, model influencer, athlete, or entrepreneur. Using Popl can help improve your networking, along with leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Popl Direct™

With Popl Direct™ you can choose just to pop your Facebook, website or any other link. Instead of sharing your whole profile.

What You Can Share

Features That Pop

No app or Popl required:

People you meet don't need the app or a Popl for you to pop them.


No personal passwords are ever needed to link social accounts with Popl.

Edit on the fly:

Instantly change which link you share using your Popl Direct in real-time on the fly.

Instant contact sharing:

Instantly pop your contact card, personal website, phone number or email,

Apple Wallet:

Add your Popl QR card to your Apple Wallet for fast sharing with older phones.

Unlimited Pops:

Your Popl is waterproof and will work indefinitely with an unlimited number of pops.

Purchase a Popl

Use are referral code to receive 20% off your Popl purchase.

Download The App:

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