Best Buy partners with Instacart for same-delivery

Updated: Mar 18

On Tuesday Instacart announced it's new partnership with Best Buy that will power same-day delivery for every Best Buy across the US.

With Instacart, Best Buy can provide faster shipping at lower costs. If a customer should 0rder something that is in stock a local Best Buy, an Instacart shopper can pick it up and deliver it in a matter of hours.

Instacart is offering same-day delivery on hundreds of Best Buy products for $3.99 per order, including home appliances and home office essentials. However, orders will have a $500 limit so anything more expensive, like a refrigerator, washing machine, or some TVs are not included. Also, customers don't have to have items delivered the same day they can choose from delivery windows further out, including the next day and as far-out as five days.

Instacart is also launching a new feature called Certified delivery along with their partnership with Best Buys. This new feature involves using your smartphone to accept and sign for a delivery to verify your identity if it’s a “high-value item” like a pricey consumer electronic device. Instacart shoppers will be tasked with verifying identities of those accepting orders by checking IDs. Certified delivery will be available for other Instacart retailers in the future, the company says.