Everything Restuarant owners need to know about DoorDash's $0 Delivery Fee promo

Updated: Jan 25

Article Contents

| How Does The Promotion Work? |

| What Kind Of Boost Can You expect From First Order, $0 Delivery Fee? |

| How to sign up for First Order, $0 Delivery Fee? |

What is First Order, $0 Delivery Fee?

It's DoorDash's paid marketing promotion that encourages new customers to eat at their restaurant, by offering Free Delivery to first time customers. When customers log into DoorDash they will see "Free Delivery over $15" in place of the delivery fee of your store. Also, stores that enroll in this promotion are given priority placement on the app and website via carousel inclusion.

How does the promotion work?

The first time a customer orders, your restaurant will pay a fixed marketing fee. In order for the order to be eligible for $0 delivery it must meet a minimum of $15. The next time that customer orders from your restaurant, they will pay the delivery fee like normal. DoorDash will also retarget those customers via there recently ordered tab, and programmatic "reorder" emails.

What kind of boost can you expect from First Order, $0 Delivery Fee?

This service has known to boost by sales by 20-35% over a given period of time. DoorDash recommends stores enroll for at least an eight week period to allow enough time for impressions to be made on customers. Doing this will also increase the number of redemptions and likelihood for re-orders from customers.

How to sign up for First Order, $0 Delivery Fee?

  1. Select Grow Your Sales on the left side menu. Then select Promotions.

  2. At the top of the promotions page you will see a blue box (first picture below). Select Get Started.

  3. A box will pop-up (second picture below) for you to select the dates that you wish to enroll in First Order, $0 Delivery Fee. If you do not want to end the promotion period check Ongoing Promotion.

  4. Check the bottom box to confirm that you agree to the terms and select Create Promotion. You are now enrolled!



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