Four things every Uber and Lyft driver should have when working the bar scene

Updated: 5 days ago

1. Barf Bags

The fact is if you work the bar seen you will most likely have people who get sick in your car. However, you may get lucky and have a rider warn you before they get sick giving you a chance to pull over so they can do it outside.

2. Clean Supplys

Like we said above working the bar scene you are likely to have someone get sick in your car. Caring cleaning supplies on you will make it easier for you clean along with allowing you to spend lesser time offline. Just pull into a gas station or a parking lot with good lighting and start cleaning.

Note: Make sure you to pictures of the mess and send it to Uber or Lyft before cleaning.

3. Dash Cam

Having a Dash-Cam is good for a lot of reasons. However, it's even better for night drivers for at night you will get a lot of different types of people, Some will be nice, and some could be very hostile. Also, you could have riders that accuse you of something you never did. So, it's always best to have that extra protection.

4. Patience

At night riders will most likely be very intoxicated. So it's best to have a lot of patience when dealing with these kinds of riders. For at night pretty much anything can happen.