How to troubleshoot your tablet for DoorDash merchants

Updated: Jan 22

If you should encounter a technical issue with your tablet or Order Manager app, try the below troubleshooting steps. If should still need help, access the DoorDash support throuhg your Order Manager app or through the Merchant Portal. When you reach out to support make sure to provide them with the specific error code you are seeing on your screen or the hardware issuse that way then can resolve the provlem as quickly as possible.

Not Receiving Order Notifications/Sound Notifications

  1. Tap on the three lines in the left-hand corner of your Order Manager app to see a dropdown of options.

  2. From the dropdown, click on Settings.

  3. Skim through and make sure that auto-confirm is toggled OFF, repeated ringing is ON, and volume is set to LOUD.

Password Incorrect or Something went wrong Errors

  1. Take two fingers and swipe down from the top of the screen. You should see a mini dashboard.

  2. Please disable the wifi icon and keep it turned off.

  3. Make sure Airplane is turned off.

  4. Try logging in again.

Order Manager Has Stopped Error Code

Clear the Order Manager App Data

  1. Swipe down for mini menu.

  2. Click on gear symbol.

  3. Scroll down on settings sidebar until you reach Applications.

  4. Hit  Application Manager.

  5. Scroll down on the right side and look for Order Manager.

  6. Enter the Order Manager, tap Storage, then tap Clear data.

Clear Google Play Services' Cache

  1. Next, return to the Application Manager, and look for Google Play Services.

  2. Enter Google Play Services, tap Storage, then tap Clear cache.

Enable Do Not Disturb

  1. Click the back button to go back to the Order Manager App.

  2. Login.

  3. Enable/allow Do Not Disturb Access.

​Tablet Not Turning On/Charging

  1. If the tablet is not turning on and it's brand new, please hold down the power button for 5+ seconds until you see a Samsung Galaxy Tab E screen come up 

  2. If it's not charging, please try using a different chord or wall outlet. All the tablets given by DoorDash with unicorn beetle cases on them use micro-usb chargers.