Everything you need to know about Lyft's damage fee

Updated: Feb 9

If you or a member of your group should cause physical or cosmetic damage to the interior or exterior of a driver's car, Lyft will assess the damage fee and charge your default payment method.

If you should be charged a damage fee Lyft will send you an email that will show you which ride it was for, along with pictures of the damage.

You will also get an updated receipt after the damage fee has been charged. You can also check out details in the ride history tab of the Lyft app. Any fees that incurred will be shown under the ride.

You are able to reply directly to Lyft in the email if you feel they missed any information.

Types Of Damage Charges

Fees Lyft charges for damage is based on how severe the damage is.

No Damage: $0

Items easily picked up or not seen, such as water bottles, trash, and smells

Small Impact: $20

Damage that may need a vacuum or time to clean, such as mud and sand

Moderate Exterior Mess: $30

Damage only on the outside of the car, such as bio waste

Moderate interior mess: $80

Damage within the car, such as major liquid spills

Major damage: $150

Can include both interior and exterior of the vehicle, or extreme damage to the interior of the vehicle.



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