Our rating system for Uber and Lyft riders

Updated: Jan 25

5 Star Passenger

Someone who comes out within 1-2 minutes of our arrival, or is already outside waiting. Although we like talking to passengers, if they don't feel like talking, that's just fine with us. Also, for us a five star passengers are riders who respect us and our car. Ask if it's okay if they eat, drink or smoke before they do it. For every driver has different rules.

4 Star Passenger

Most passengers do a pretty good job. But, we do end up giving out a lot of four star ratings. Here are all the things that will make us give a rider a four star ratings.

Making Us Wait: The fact is both companies notify riders when their driver is near along with when they arrive. One practice we do is send them a text to let them know we have arrived just to give them an extra notification. However, if a rider shouldn't text us back or call us and let us know theirs problem and just need a few more minutes then it will be a dock of a star.

Please note if we are really close to the rider like in the same parking lot as they send the request from, then we will usually give them extra time. However, if it takes 10 minutes or more for us to get their they should be outside ready to go, or walking out the door when we arrive

3 Star Passenger

For us mainly riders who weren't that bad. However, we prefer to never have them in our car again. So, for example a rider who creeps out, is demanding, doesn't care about the rules we have for our car. Waits until the last second to come out to our car before we can cancel.

2 Star Passenger

We really haven't given out any two star ratings. If we are too rate a rider low it will either be a three or one.

1 Star Passenger

The Puker: if you puke in our cars, it's an automatic one star.

The Troublemaker: A rider who threatens you or tries to fight you.

Deliberately Slamming Our Door: If you get out of our car and deliberately slam our door when getting out you will automatically get a one star.

Note: with Uber and Lyft, if you rate a passenger three stars or below, you’ll never be matched up with that passenger again.



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