Seven safety tips for rideshare drivers

Updated: Jan 22

1. No trip is worth your life

If something doesn't feel right, or you don't want to pick up from a certain area. Decline the trip or cancel it. Uber and Lyft will understand, now Lyft is more strict on drivers when they decline trips, or cancel. So always make sure to email them with the reason of why you did. They are usually pretty understanding.

2. When kicking a rider out

If you should unfortunately have to kick out a rider. Make sure you pull into a well-crowded area just in case things should go south. If rider should refuse to get out of the car, then you should get out and call the cops. Do not use force to get them out, unless they should put their hands-on you then in that case it would be self-defense, so you have the right to protect yourself.

3. Know Your surroundings

Know where the closet hospital, fire station, or police station is. Also know where the police like to hang out. This will come in handy if you should have a hostile rider, or rider with a medical issue. If you should a hostile rider, and see a officer driving down the road flash you're high beams at them and they will stop you to make sure everything is alright.

4. Get to know local drivers

Most cities have local rideshare groups on Facebook. However, if your city should not or say you don't have Facebook. See where local drivers hang. For yes we are competition. But, always good to know fellow drivers on the road.

5. Location Sharing apps / 911 Panic Button

Now both Uber and Lyft have a feature on their app called, share my trip or share my location. That allows driver to share trip status with friends or family. There are also a lot of other apps drivers can use like Zenly a real-time location sharing app, and Seams Personal that allows you to stream and record your location along with along with sharing photos and audio to your trusted contacts. These are both great apps that we highly recommend for the sense of extra security.

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Also, both companies have 911 panic buttons for drivers if something should unfortunately go wrong.

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6. Dash-Cam

If you don't have a dash-cam our best advice is to purchase one as soon as possible. It's the best way to protect yourself from whatever may happen. Also, say you should be falsely accused you will have this video footage as proof.

7. Carrying a weapon

Uber and Lyft TOS does not allow drivers or riders to carry weapons. However, if you should carry something our best advice keep it out of sight of riders or fellow drivers. For all it takes is one person to report you and goodbye being a driver. Also, I know a lot of drivers carry pepper spray or mace. I advise against doing that, for yes will take out the rider if they are attacking you. However, could affect you for pepper spray is pretty potent. An alternative for it would be body spray or hair spray.