Specell RGBIC Interior Car Led Light, 4Pcs 72 LED Music Sync

Specell RGBIC Interior Car Led Light,

4Pcs 72 LED Music Sync

Price: $25.99

2-in-1 Line Design:

The newly upgraded 2-in-1 Line design allows the lights to be flexibly installed on any car. The back of the car light tape comes with strong glue(And give a spare roll of glue), which connects the four light strips in a straight line. There is no need to assemble the light strip, which is easier to install and hide, and keep the car clean and tidy. This cigarette lighter plug has a switch, an indicator light, and a built-in fuse to effectively protect the car lights.

RGB-IC and Brightness:

Different from the traditional RGB color, our RGB-IC light strip can display multiple colors on a car floor light at the same time, and 72 LED lamp beads make it brighter. Unlimited DIY colors (over 16 million colors), choose different shades, you can create your own unique colors, and experience different driving environments and moods.

Two Controls:

Forget about the problem that the remote control is easy to lose. We provide a more convenient and fashionable controller. You can stick the controller around you and enjoy changing the color, brightness, and music mode, which can ensure safe driving. Or you can download the "Magic Lantern" APP for free through the QR code or APPLE store or Google Play, open the APP, and the lights will automatically connect to the APP via Bluetooth to control.

Music Sync:

Built-in high-sensitivity microphone, led lights inside car will synchronize any sound captured by the microphone, allowing the lights to change color with the rhythm of the music, giving you an intuitive and vivid music experience, visually vivid music enjoyment, and can also increase the night driving safety.


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