Uber VS Lyft(scheduled pick up), which one is better?

Updated: Feb 13

Uber and Lyft's scheduled pick up Which one is better? What are the differences between the two, and the benefits of using them?


As an Uber rider doing a scheduled trip you may think you're saving yourself time when in reality you're not. For the only thing you are doing is paying more money for your trip. For there is no driver who agreed to take the fare beforehand like Lyft does. With Uber's schedule trips, when it's time for you to be picked up the request goes out to the closest driver. So remember this next time you send out a request and save yourself some money.


When scheduling a pick up on Lyft. Drivers in your area are notified of the schedule pick up. So unlike Uber you already have a driver who has chosen to pick you at that certain time.

Benefits of scheduled pick up

Say you're going out for a night partying on Friday or Saturday, or going to a big event. Doing a scheduled pick up for after the event will help you with avoiding Lyft's prime time and Ubers surge pricing.

So which one is better?

We would say Lyft. For the fact that when you schedule a ride a driver has the option to choose that scheduled pick up. So, you potentially already have a set driver to pick you up unlike Uber where you are paying more.



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