The unspoken rules of Uber and Lyft

Updated: Feb 16

Maybe you've read Uber and Lyft's TOS or maybe you haven't. However, in this blog is a list of the unspoken rules that you should think about on your next ride.

1. Don't make your driver wait for you

Be outside on the curb when they arrive. If it's taking you longer then you thought to get ready text or call to let your driver know. However, if you feel it will take longer then, five minutes cancel the ride. My best advice do not send out a request until you feel you're absolutely ready to walk out the door.

2. One way street

If you are getting picked up on a one way street, and see your driver is coming for the opposite direction. Offer to cross the street and meet him on the other side.

3. Make sure their your Uber or Lyft

Before getting into the car, check to make sure the license plate, make and model match what it says on the app. Do not just walk up to random cars and open the door.

4. Talking to your Uber or Lyft driver

You are not obligated to talk to your driver. However, a polite hello, or asking how are your day is going is always encouraged.

5. Seatbelts

Just because you're in a Uber or Lyft does not mean you don't have to wear a seatbelt.

6. Talking to fellow Share or Pool riders

Your fellow line or pool rider, may not be as social as you, which is okay. For people don't take line or pool to social, they take it to save money.

7. Where to sit

Most drivers prefer for their riders, even if it's just you to sit in the back. With if it's just one rider I always tell them to sit wherever they feel most comfortable. The one most drivers will not let solo riders sit is directly behind them to me that's a big no-no.

8. Making it easier for fellow pool/share riders

Have the courteous to scoot over to the left side of the backseat, so other passengers can jump in curbside, instead of walking around.

9. Don't try fitting extra people into Uber Pool or Lyft Share

Please don't try squeezing three people into a share, or pool ride. It's two people maximum if you should have more, then two riders request something other than a Share or Pool Rider.

10. Don't Change destination while en route

Not only will it confuse your rider, it could change the cost of your fare. Also, don't ask us to make multiple stops, or ask if we would be willing to wait while you run into a store and get something. Both Uber and Lyft have it on the app where you can set up multiple stops on a trip.

| How To Set Multiple Stop Uber | How To Set Multiple Stop Lyft |

11. Cash won't work

Don't try to bribe your driver with cash or other items to reroute you, drive faster, or let you squeeze three more people into the car. It will only get you reported.

12. Taking your anger out on things the driver can't control

Taking your anger out on your Uber or Lyft driver for traffic tardiness, is inconsiderate and not their fault.

13. Smoking and Vaping

Do not smoke or vape in your Uber Or Lyft, some drivers maybe okay, others not. So ask before you do it.

14. To intoxicated

If your so intoxicated that you can barley walk, Should probably have a friend ride with you in the Uber or Lyft. Sorry it is not a driver's job to babysit you and some drivers will refuse ride if you are too intoxicated and by yourself.

15. Eating

Please don't eat in the Uber or Lyft. Some drivers may be okay with, others may not. Ask before you do, for its the respectful thing to do.

16. Open containers

Do not I repeat do not bring and open container in your Uber or Lyft, let alone drink. You will be asked to pour it out, or even worse get kicked out of the car.

17. Accurate pick up/drop off location

When up sending out a request make sure your pick up location is accurate and in the exact place where you are being picked up from. Also, if you are being picked up from a shopping plaza put in the name of the store you are being picked up from. It will make it a lot easier for your driver to find you.

Now with drop off make sure you've entered the right address of where you're being dropped off. Most drivers will read off the address to confirm it is right before they start the trip, they are not asking because they don't know how to get there.

18. Music

On the Uber app you used to be able to pick the music played in the car, on Lyft that was never the case. Most drivers will ask what type of music their riders like, others won't. Be considerate of the aux cord if driver should have one, for it is considered a no-no, to ask your driver for the aux cord, especially if it's the first thing you say when you get in car.

19. Getting too personal with your Uber

Sometimes rider or drivers can get a little to personal on rides, so please keep personal questions to a minimum, and defiantly don't ask for someone's number.

20. Know when your ride is ending

Be conscious of when your ride is ending. Check your route in the Lyft/Uber app. Be ready when your driver arrives to your destination, especially if your in a pool or share ride.



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